Calody Oxford Cloth Baby Playpen

Today, I'd like to introduce a very practical children's product to my friends,Two colors: green and gray.

Extra Large Baby Playing Area,Calody Baby Playpen internal size is 79x59x27in/200x150x68cm. In such a lovely and amplr space, your little one will love this playing area with toys, pets, friends and love from yours. The height of theplaypen is quite enough for the baby to stand and walk while the playard area is plentiful for them to explore around.


Read all instructions before assembly and use of product.

Please read the instructions carefully before installing and using the playpen

Specification:79*59*27 Inches (200*150*68 CM)

Using range: Child 6 months - 6 years old, suitable for living room

Material: 210D Oxford Cloth,Alloy Steel tube,  Plastic tees, Mesh, PU Sponge


A list of accessories in the case:




Remark: Each Tee Type has 1 Extra for Backup


1.There is Safety Steel Ball in each horizontal steel pipe, and the steel ball must be connected into the
plastic tee, which can be seen at the hole of the tee, as per the image shown.



2.Start with the bottom frame, insert the 99tube steel pipes into Long side and 74tube steel pipes into Short side of the playpen’s oxford cloth bottom cover, and connect the pipes by T Tee with suction cup. Around the four corners, connect the pipes by 3-way Tee with suction cup, as the picture shown. (4 x 99cm tubes, 4 x 74cm tubes, 4 x T Tee with suction cup, 4 x 3-way Tee with suction cup).



3.After finishing the bottom frame, make sure the pipes and Tees are stable and cannot be separated.



4.Install the vertical 62tube steel pipes as the picture shown above, and connect the vertical pipes into 8 suction cup tees (8 x 62cm tubes).



5.On the top frame, connect the pipes in the same way as step 1, use the T Tee in the middle and the 3-way Tee around the corners (not the suction cup Tee) to connect the pipes. After finishing the installation, make sure the playpen is firm and steady before letting babies in and play.




Never substitute parts, if any part damaged, please contact DALINK GLOBAL INC. to gain replacement. If the playpen is not used for more than 1 month, before you use the playpen, you should clean and press side rails to ensure no loose parts.



For dirty spots by milk, coffee or tea, you can simply clean the oxford cloth by wet towel. When oxford cloth and mesh becoming dirty, you can dis-install the playpen, and wash the oxford cover in washing machine by cold water. Ensure the parts stored in place not touchable by children.



Never leave children unattended in playpen, each time before you put child inside the playpen, you should check the safety and ensure the zipper locking the mesh completely, adult can play inside with child, or look after the playpen when child plays inside.



Item No.:  PP-01/PP-02

Importer:  Dalink Global Inc.

Address:  1505 W Walnut Pkwy, Compton CA 90220

Phone:   (888) 211 6865


Manufactured Location: Huizhou, China



The product is in compliance with US Consumer Protection Safety Commission's Regulations-16 CFR Part 1221 and the criteria outlined in ASTM F406-19.

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